Tis the season for cymbidiums! These gorgeous cold weather loving plants are a perfect way for you to spice up your home or outdoor living area and have a beautiful bloom through the winter. Lets take a look into how best to care for these gems during the coming frosty season, as both a lovely flowering plant and a cut flower to spruce up a vase or arrangement.

Phalaenopsis and cymbidium: what’s the difference?:
We have already showcased to you lovely readers the system for caring for a Phalaenopsis Orchid, so now its Cymbidiums turn! Cymbidium orchids have a deeper, curved flower that face inward, whereas phaleys have outward facing, flat flowers that resemble moths or Butterfly wings. They are also commonly known as boat orchids due to their petal shape. Also, cymbids are a cold climate flower, whereas phaleys are grown in tropical spaces.

How to care for them as a plant/encourage them to bloom:
Cymbids enjoy dappled sunlight. Direct sunlight for too long can cause burning or wilting, whereas not enough sunlight will cause the plant to droop and potentially not flower as its unable to gain nutrients from the sun. A covered balcony is an ideal spot as it will keep them free of frost but still allow them to have some sunlight. Above all else, make sure the plant is being watered fairly regularly in the growing seasons of summer, autumn and spring. In the winter, be wary not to let the plant dry out too much, however don’t overwater them either! Keep them comfortably damp and they will be happy. Once every fortnight should be enough for an indoor plant, just keep in mind any heating devices that may dry them out faster. Also, cymbids enjoy loose, well drained soil without needing to be too tightly packed, though they also enjoy small pots where their roots can be kept tightly together. You may find it’s easier to nurture your Cymbid with a liquid orchid fertiliser rather than a pellet or mulch system, as the roots will absorb the fluids easier.


How to care for them as a cut flower:
Cut orchids should usually last between 2-3 weeks, as they are a very long lasting and survive well in their cut state. Make sure to cut the stem of the flower close to the base to ensure it has enough room to absorb water. Alternatively, you can also spray the flowers or dip them in water, as the blooms are porous and will also absorb water through their petals. Make sure to change their drinking water at least once every three days to make sure they are getting clean nutrients.


And that’s it! Are you willing to give them a shot? If you do, take a picture and tag us @missmossflorals so that we can see your work! Otherwise, make sure to stop by Miss Moss Florals to see these gorgeous flowers up close, either in our arrangements or as a potted plant. Why not treat yourself to a beautiful new addition to your orchid family, or give someone a lovely long lasting flowering gift?

Cymbidium Orchids Blog Cymbidium Orchids Blog Cymbidium Orchids Blog Cymbidium Orchids Blog

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