Why do we give chocolate eggs?

Easter is near! A time for family, friends, celebration, and eating enough chocolate to feel ill for a few days. Shoppers are stocking their trolleys with 1 kilo eggs and boxes of Favourites. But what is it about Easter that implies the need for chocolate eggs and a giant rabbit?

According to history.com, the origins of easter stem from Pagan tradition, with the idea of the egg symbolising new life and replenishment, as well as the arrival of Spring. In christianity, eggs signify the resurrection of Jesus and his emergence from the Tomb. As well as this, decorating eggs was a custom to celebrate the end of Lent (as eggs were traditionally a forbidden food during this time). But what about the Easter Bunny?

Some believe that the foretold bunny is actually a folk tale brought over by German immigrants in the 13th Century, stemming from their tradition of a hare named ‘Osterhase’ or ‘Oschter Haws’ who would lay coloured eggs in nests made by children. As well as this, rabbit’s penchant for breeding also immortalises them as a symbol of new life and fertility. There is so much more to this holiday than we could possibly imagine.

Sweet Pea and Poppy Chocolates

One of the biggest attractions at Miss Moss are the beautiful and eye catching designs of our chocolate supplier, Sweet Pea and Poppy. Canberra made and ethically sourced, these chocolates are a stunning addition to a lot of our bouquets and hampers. Today we wanted to give our customers a bit of an insight into Sweet Pea and Poppy, and shine a spotlight on one of our locally grown suppliers.

From chocolate bundles to gourmet gift hampers to recipes, Sweet Pea and Poppy truly have something for everyone. The company, run by a mother-daughter duo, use only the finest ingredients with an emphasis on being ethically made and locally focused. From their website, Co founder Yasmin has this to say about the heart of her business:

“My little business is built upon a love of chocolate and gifting, celebrating locally produced and handmade products. I love to see local products celebrated and local brands thrive.”

We at Miss Moss frequently enjoy taste testing the merchandise and customers come back time and time again to see which flavours we have in stock, or what exciting holiday themed goodies Yasmin has provided for us this year. If you have a sweet tooth or just want a little something special to add to your Easter gift, Sweet Pea and Poppy products are always available at Miss Moss Florals with a beautiful Easter range in store now.

Sweet Pea and Poppy chocolate

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